The Roads of Greek Wines

Acropolis, the statues and the ancient texts are not our sole cultural inheritance. The everyday life as manifested through the centuries, the continuous struggle for survival in this far end of Europe, are our cultural inheritance also.

This, as well as what ties us with it today, we will try to show to you, and we hope we will succeed.

One of the products of this land, and one of the elements of our inheritance is wine. It survived through the ages, thanks to the alcohol it contains, and it is put beyond the other products of the Greek land. Believed to have a Divine Presence in it, it has been accompanying the Greeks through History for over 4.000 years.

Can it be, that you are not aware of this history?
We can take this travel together.

  1. The History
  2. Wine Producing Areas
  3. Varieties
  4. Wine Types
  5. Legislation
  6. A Small Glossary
  7. Who is Who